Important tips during pvc decorative film vacumm pressing

Oct. 25, 2018


During pvc door or kitchen cabinet door scale production,people may meet up with some tricky problems during pvc decorative film vacuum pressing process.Here are some important tips sharing with your guys to pay close attention to.

Normally,the key aspects for pvc decoartive film vacuum pressing process lies in temperature,pressure and glue amount coverage.Among them,the glue amount coverage for substrate boards,such as MDF board is the most difficult to deal with.People shall spray more glue for parts like MDF boards sides,edges and engraved parts until you can see a thin coat of glue upon the daylight.If operating properly,you can avoid the delamination problems while saving glue for sure.

The temperature for pvc decorative film vacuum pressing is around 170 degrees,here we offer a useful standard to measure if the temperature is fit or not.As you know,the whole process for vacuum pressing lasts around 4-5 minutes,right after the vacuum pressed MDF coming out the machines,you can touch the surface with your hand,if it is felt hot,then it is ideal result or you can measure the temperature with tool,it shall show around 70 degrees.

That's all for sharing today.Our intention is that we can help more customers solve their pvc decorative film vacuum pressing problems and introduce it to as many prospects as possible.

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